Album photos 2017 of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Belgium
and Exarchate of Netherlands and Luxemburg

Vassilopitta of the Metropolis of Belgium - January 8th 2017

European Catholic-Orthodox Forum January 9-12, 2017 (Paris)

Vespers & Vassilopitta
for christian leaders in Belgium
January 18th 2017

Concert of Byzantine & Greek traditional music
February 10th 2017

Visit of delegation
of Patriarchate of Georgia
February 25th 2017

Ordination of a new deacon
for the Utrecht Parish:
Father Alexandros Pitsikakis
Utrecht - February 26th 2017

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Brussels Orthodox Cathedral
March 5th 2017

Inter-Orthodox Divine Liturgy
in Luxemburg - March 12th 2017

Ordination in priesthood of father Athanasios Toparlakis and new Archdeacon in our Metropolis
March 19th 2017

Memorial for the victims of 22/3
in Brussels

Inter-Orthodox Divine Liturgy in Rotterdam - March 26th 2017

The first Liturgy in the new Orthodox Church in Dilbeek

Ordination of a new priest for the Hasselt Parish: Father Antonios Tarlizos


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