Album photos 2017 of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Belgium
and Exarchate of Netherlands and Luxemburg

Vassilopitta of the Metropolis of Belgium - January 8th 2017

European Catholic-Orthodox Forum January 9-12, 2017 (Paris)

Vespers & Vassilopitta
for christian leaders in Belgium
January 18th 2017

Concert of Byzantine & Greek traditional music
February 10th 2017

Visit of delegation
of Patriarchate of Georgia
February 25th 2017

Ordination of a new deacon
for the Utrecht Parish:
Father Alexandros Pitsikakis
Utrecht - February 26th 2017

Sunday of Orthodoxy in Brussels Orthodox Cathedral
March 5th 2017

Inter-Orthodox Divine Liturgy
in Luxemburg - March 12th 2017

Ordination in priesthood of father Athanasios Toparlakis and new Archdeacon in our Metropolis
March 19th 2017

Memorial for the victims of 22/3
in Brussels

Inter-Orthodox Divine Liturgy in Rotterdam - March 26th 2017

The first Liturgy in the new Orthodox Church in Dilbeek

Ordination of a new priest for the Hasselt Parish: Father Antonios Tarlizos

Holy Thursday - 12 Passion Gospels 13.04.2017

Holy Friday, Service of the Lamentations 14.04.2017

Great and Holy Pascha in the Orthodox Cathedral of Brussels 16.04.2017

Agape Vespers 16.04.2017

Patronal feast of the Orthodox Parish of Houthalen 18.04.2017

Patronal feast of the Orthodox Parish of Namur 22.04.2017

Patronal feast of the Orthodox Parish of Dilbeek 23.04.2017

Orthodoxy in Motion - Priest and youth Gathering of the Metropolis of Benelux 01.05.2017

Commemoration of father Ignace Peckstad in Gent 06.05.2017

60 years since the immigration agreement for the Greek workers to Belgium 18.05.2017

Patronal Feast of the Holy Constantin & Helena orthodox parish in Brugge 21.05.2017


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