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Metropolitan of Belgium: Today, with you, I am a happy bishop

The ordinary assembly of clerics and young people took place under the supervision of the Metropolis of Belgium, on Wednesday, May 1, in Dilbeek, Belgium.
The topic of this year’s assembly was “Life After Death,” which focused on the transcendence, the significance of Resurrection of Jesus, and the struggle of the faithful to continue to live even after death.

The conference began with the Divine Liturgy, performed by Metropolitan Athenagoras of Belgium and Exarch of the Netherlands and Luxembourg, by chanting the hymns in various languages.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, Metropolitan Athenagoras expressed his joy for the realization of the assembly of the clergy, together with young people from the parishes of the Metropolis, while he stressed the great importance of strengthening the pastoral work of the local Church in regard to young people. He also wished much success for the conferences in the rich program of the assembly.

As he pointed out, “today, with you, my joy is great. Today, with you, I am a happy bishop.”

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